You live in a CASTLE, not one with turrets and towers, but rather a large dignified rural manor approximately 500 years old. It is surrounded by a (now dry) moat and lined with old trees forming a part of the park which opens to the south and continues on to include our spacious riding arena.


History :

Schloß Sindlingen is both a holiday hotel and a riding school. It offers many activities all the year round - not just horsy ones.

The castle is situated on a ridge beween the Schönbuch and the Black Forest. With its open hilly terrain at almost 600 meters above sea-level, the area offers wonderful countryside for riding and walking.
The view is superb and extends to the Swabian Alb to the south and the Black Forest to the west.
Sindlingen was once an agricultural manor house belonging to the Württemberg Royal Family. As the Summer residence of Franziska von Hohenheim, wife of Duke Carl-Eugen, it was known far and wide 200 years ago. The historical character of the place - designated as a place of historical importance - with its big old half-timbered buildings has been retained to the present day.

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